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What’s New in Real Estate in 2011?

While a large number of buyers are still sitting on the fence and waiting for the market to turn around, smart buyers are taking advantage of the low interest rates and abundant choices on the market.

The Maine Association of Realtors is relatively optomistic about 2011 and expects a moderate rebound later in the year.

Buyers that are waiting for prices to bottom out can find themselves missing the boat. This is often the result when trying to outguess the market. Many buyers see residential real estate purchases as an investment. While it is good when you can make a profit when selling, that is not the only reason to purchase. compared to renting, buyers can actually enjoy and take pride in their efforts to improve their property. In addition, the buyer becomes an important contributor to the local economy and neighborhood.

Buyers that are looking for real estate to purchase are best served when working with a Realtor that specializes in buyer needs and concerns. Realtors with ABR (Accredited Buyers Representative) certifications are better able to represent their buyers. Their knowledge, experience and up to date information and strategies help buyers get the most for their money. You will save valuable time and will have reduced anxiety being confident that your ABR Realtor is working for your best interests.

Clee Duncan has recently completed coursework for both ABR and SFR (Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource)designations..

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